Monday, April 19, 2010

Object Lessons: Romance, Violation, and Female Adolescent Sexual Desire

When reading Object Lessons: Romance, Violation, and Female Adolescent Sexual Desire by: Deborah L. Tolman I could not help to get back to my roots of One in Four. For those who do not know what One in Four ( is, it's an all male group that teaches other males (or in the case or RIC everyone) about rape education. We put on an hour long presentation where we talk about rape and sexually assault and how to help a women when she goes though something as bad as rape.

So when reading this article I could not help to think about all I have learn from One in Four. When Deborah L. Tolman interviewed 16 year old Isabel who is considered "asexual" because she's white and middle class, I went back to one of my training session where we had something similar to what happen there.

Tolman is trying to show how society sees the objectification that females have to go thought each and everyday. As a male I will never know the pain that females go though with society telling them how to look. Where for a male it's o.k how ever you look.


Mindy said...

The problem is that many women are brainwashed from childhood and may not even see anything wrong with being the "object" of their boyfriend's/husband's desire.

Alexa said...

I've been having a real problem talking about the issues we talk about in class with my male friends. It's hard to get past that barrier sometimes.

Eva said...

hey man, i have to take a second and thank you for what you do. i love that groups like emPOWER exist, but without groups like one in four, with guys being willing to talk about whats cool and whats not and how to view and think about other people, it just wouldn;t be the same.

you know, men listen beter to men, and revolutions dont start without the dominant group in scoiety joining the cause. rock on. it can only make you a better person

Samantha said...

I think we need more male figures as urself around because it makes us women feel more heard on these issues. Also, having a man come forward and speak to other males shows these other males that its actually cool to be an advocate for these issues. We respect you so much for your effort to push for prevention and support, thats so cool of u :)

Kelsey Morris said...

Without 1 in 4, I don't think as many guys would be exposed to issues many women face every day. Keep up the good work!